"After talking to Stefan, It was clear that we had found someone to help us with our branding efforts. Stefan was a pleasure to work with and really helped us dig into what really mattered to our business. Using the insights learned while working with him, we uncovered the essence of our business and used that to create a brand strategy that aligned with our core values. We love the results and highly recommend!" 

  Rob Buchanon, Owner of Alluster Storage  

Alluster Storage - Brand Development, Visual Design, Tonality, Advertising Materials

When Alluster Storage – a revolutionary business that combines full service storage with online management and booking convenience – was ready to expand operations from Vancouver into Toronto, they contacted me to help them develop a look and voice for the brand in a new market.

The job was to first make sure the company's novel offering was communicated clearly to a new audience, and then to give the message a strong look that the brand could own for years to come.

I was lucky to be able to work closely with Rob Buchanon, owner of Alluster, to narrow down several options to a final approach that he felt best represented how he wanted his brand to be perceived. After that, we went through development on the look and writing to land on a campaign that clearly communicates the Alluster premise in a way that really stands out in a sea of Toronto media.

Subway takeovers, bus backs and streetcar ads.

Streetcar Posters

Bus Posters

Bus Super Cards

Streetcar Takeover: Sequential Ads all answering the premise: Imagine all the stuff we could store for you...

Moving Truck Branding: We made the trucks rolling billboards that are relatable when on the road. 

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