Anodized aluminum, glass, stainless steel, paranoia

One year. Something different to worry about each day – a little shot of anxiety that was extracted from my brain and is ready to contaminate yours. So, every day you pull out another vial and give yourself a dose of something to worry about. Sometimes you'll nod in agreement. But most of the time, you'll curse me for giving you new things to fret about; situations you never even thought of...because you didn't. I did. And no, I'm not ok. The syringe is vintage and can kill you. The anodized aluminum rack took several attempts to cut without cracking. The mounting system I dreamt up one day instead of doing something more meaningful with my life. I got a deal on the vials because I bought in bulk. I will pass those savings onto you. Just kidding. I absolutely will not. 

36" x 24" x 3", not actually that heavy per se