"I’ve had the pleasure of working with Stefan in a full-time agency role and in a freelance capacity. Stefan’s creative offering is built on passion for doing all he can to get the best creative product. He attacks a brief with thought and insight and has an instinctive point of view for what the creative should accomplish. I’m impressed with his restlessness. He always wants to beat his best and doesn’t let ‘the clock’ get in the way of doing so."

  Sean Barlow, Chief Creative Officer at Cundari  

Aviva Insurance needed a gutsy new campaign to help them stand out and be remembered. They bravely wanted to be the first to admit that their whole industry could do a better job of taking care of its customers. And with this campaign, they set off to change the insurance business.

Our work showed up in the Applied Arts Annual, won Gold trophies at the Digital Marketing Awards and the ADCC. Even the outdoor pieces won some Obies.

We also created a site that was a very frustrating questionnaire mocking the state of the insurance industry. It was designed to be so frustrating that when visitors started to feel overwhelmed and anxious – just like they do with real insurance companies – they could hit an emergency button that would let them take a break to watch some relaxing puppies. Another 'Internet First', people. 

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