Even the most prolific directors can use some help getting their commercial treatments in shape. I help them save time and focus on their other jobs.

As a senior copy writer who's spent 22 years on the advertising creative side reviewing and awarding director's treatments, I now put all I've learned into building and finessing treatments so they inspire confidence within an agency and among brand clients.


• I start with a thorough understanding of the directors vision for each facet of the production.

• Then I apply a deep knowledge of effective storytelling and film making, editing, and music and sound effect techniques.

• Then I layer on what creatives assume their creative director is hoping to see that will assure their clients that the director won't let them down...basically.


Let's work together to make sure your treatments check all the right boxes for everyone. 

And rest assured, after hundreds of treatments for dozens of directors, I still won't reveal who I've written for – it's always the director's vision. 

"With a deep knowledge of both advertising creative and commercial production, Stefan knows how to relay a director's vision while hitting all the right notes for creatives and their clients. He can take any treatment to the next level. I also find him to be incredibly collaborative, insightful and reliable within often condensed timelines – things that really count in this business. Stefan has become an integral part of the bidding process and that’s led to a measurable increase in win rate.”

  Joshua Chaiton, Commercial Director at Reel Images  

"Stefan’s skills lie far beyond the realm of a few quippy words - he is my go-to person when I need someone to dig deeper and collaborate on big ideas.  His understanding of incredibly fast turnaround times makes it so much easier to engage him on projects that are flying at 100 m.p.h."

  Yael Staav, Film and Television Director at Furlined US  

"Aside from his creative excellence, Stefan is also business smart. He's production friendly and understands the process from prep through post. Stefan’s a collaborative partner with directors and producers, editors and sound engineers, helping execute and deliver beyond expectations. We lean on Stefan to craft and polish our director treatments. As a long time creative director, Stefan helps our production team identify what agency creatives might be looking for in a treatment, giving us a greater chance of getting awarded."

  Kevin Saffer, Executive Producer at Touchpoint Films  

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