"I worked very closely with Stefan while we were both at Leo Burnett, and we developed a great working relationship. Stefan has a strong respect and eye for strategy, and a commitment to pushing the work until it's great. He's also a really good guy. You're in good hands!”

  Jason Last, Partner + Strategy Director at Conflict  

I oversaw the Gain Detergent account for all of North America.

Gain was one of Leo Burnett's largest accounts so it was a great experience to act as its Creative Director in Toronto, and to align the work from 8 different partner agencies to create seamless through the line campaigns.

I worked directly with each of the following agencies to align the creative for each campaign:

Chase Design Group (Graphic Identity Design + Packaging) - Los Angeles
The Integer Group (Shopper Marketing) - Denver
Burrell Communications (African-American advertising) - Chicago
Lapiz USA (Hispanic Advertising) - Chicago
Leo Burnett USA (Advertising) - Chicago
Proctor & Gamble (Brand Headquarters) - Cincinnati
DeVries Public Relations (PR) - New York City
Digitas (Digital Agency - social) - Boston

Here is a small selection of our output for this quirky brand.

Gain chose Wanda Sykes as its spokesperson. Here's a digital billboard of Wanda recognizing the legendary scents of Times Square in New York City.

We introduced loyal Gain fans, or Gainiacs as they call themselves, to a selection of 8 new, attractive scents. Our campaign gave each scent its own personality and they would then vie for your affection. Pretty weird, huh?

This was a huge campaign that was built up online, as well as in television, print, in-store, and even on your own phone in the form of ring-tones. Here's a couple extra pieces that drove our fans wild...

We perpetuated an 'Always On' approach to social media for Gain. One of many initiatives we created was the 'Smell Compliment' contest where people could submit compliments to be shared. We picked the best ones and designed 'em up with lovely typography, so that they could be 'classier' when shared out. Here are some of the tamer submissions...

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