“Stefan is simply amazing to work with. He has stepped in to help us out on countless occasions and always delivers fast, solid work. Our staff love his professionalism, our clients love his competence and I love that I can always trust him to get the job done right. If you are looking for someone you can count on, Stefan is your guy.”

  Mike Blackmore, CD, Camp Jefferson  

Camp Jefferson is a great agency to work at. In its original incarnation as Dare, I was able to help develop one of my favourite campaigns ever in its very early stages.

Koodo is universally loved by its customers. They're actually truly happy with the brand and the service. Imagine that! This campaign was born out of that truth, but also came at a time where the world was very unhappy. So the work served two purposes; firstly to encourage more people to choose Koodo, and secondly to spread around some much needed happiness.

The world needs more happy. So we created an ongoing Happy News Network sponsored by Koodo, so everyone can get their daily fill of positivity.

Koodo keeps being a great brand to work on. This particular project was a ton of fun. The basis for it is Koodo's Shock-Free bills which won't surprise with scary charges. And hey, that's the idea for these commercials I co-wrote with creative phenom Adam Notzl-Keyser. WARNING: These videos will not scare you.

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