"We needed some help tying all our offerings together under one brand and refresh the one we had. Stefan worked closely with our leadership team to uncover our core principals and get us all aligned to them. He took a very complex corporate structure with distinct mandates and connected it all with smart thinking that was easy to understand and get behind. With all that work done, Stefan helped us establish a look and tonality for Symbility that seamlessly connected our offerings, helped us with internal alignment, and made us stand out among our competitors.”

  Paul Crowe, CEO at Symbility Intersect  

Symbility Solutions - Brand Strategic Development and Alignment, Tonality, Writing, Promotional Pieces

Symbility Solutions was a powerful company that was growing fast. Their software solutions for the health and insurance industries were top shelf. After merging with a digital development and strategy company, they needed my help to align different departments and disciplines towards common goals and a shared mission and vision.

After spending the time talking to each of the leadership group, I was able to distill all the input down into language that could be used by – and understood by – everyone in the company.

We worked together to establish priorities and determine how Symbility could describe what they offer to clients in a clear and simple way.

Symbility's three business units: Property Insurance, Health Benefits, and Instersect (strategic services) were then given distinct looks and tonality that fit together under the halo of the Symbility brand.

Each sub-brand was then broken out and communicated more clearly.

After the corporate realignment was complete and then clearly communicated on a redesigned website, we launched this new look and tonality with some fun video content that we knew would stand out online and at trade shows where Symbility attracts new clientele.

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