"Stefan has been the most fun and professional creative writer we have worked with. His brilliance is always accompanied by a great sense of humour. After being a creative director for so many years, he's quick to understand client needs, delivering swiftly and on strategy. His creative solutions and collaboration skills have been instrumental to Collective IQ. His professionalism and commitment to the job makes him a key part of our Collective.”

  Natalie Serkin Co-Founder at Collective IQ  

The scale of the TD Bank brand is immense. Keeping up with its infinite facets and volume of daily output was quite a challenge. As Creative Director, I helped make TD a more contemporary and vital brand. A new look and tonality, plus a strategy to organize their business lines finally gave the TD brand the cohesion it needed.

The following is only a small selection of the hundreds of print, television, digital, social, in-branch, collateral and ambient pieces that I oversaw.

This work introduced the new coin counting machines at TD branches while winning us some awards.

This campaign for everyday banking was one of their most successful campaigns ever in terms of real results, like new account openings.

TD supports many different important initiatives, including protecting urban forests. We wanted to remind everyone of what these green spaces offer our lives. Without a lot of money, we still managed to make a lot of impact.

Developing and launching a new Visual Identity for the entire brand was an epic undertaking. I think I did 432 separate presentations. Here's an example of how this effective new modular graphic design system looks.

The hierarchy of information became clearer, the work is better branded and more distinct from the competition, and overall, everything is much simpler, contemporary and approachable. Here are some hard-working ads for hard-working small business owners using our new system.

We launched a new style of television commercial as well - each spot focuses on a TD customer story.

In our first year working on this brand we created an award-winning campaign for the TD Mortgage Payment Vacation product. Here's a quick video about it.

It was quite successful in terms of business results - we far surpassed mortgage sales forecasts. So much so that they asked us to take the same approach again the next year.

When it comes to the 'high net worth' demographic, we developed a set of graphic tools that could live within our new Visual Identity that would be appealing for them. Oh, those discerning rich people.

TD is a long time supporter of Gay Pride. We designed a little poster icon for them that was just supposed to hang in branches during the Pride Festival. But it's now permanently on the doors of many branches and is used everywhere as an ongoing badge for TD Pride support.

A big part of what TD offers is financial advice. We put together a video series to remind people that they should be getting their investment advice from the professionals, not yahoos engaged in horseplay.

These cheap and cheerful 'Powerpoint Presentation' style videos gave financial advice, but in a way that younger customers could actually enjoy. And they were quick to tell us that they did.

When TD bought into the Aeroplan system for their Visa card, they needed to launch big in a very competitive landscape. For digital and print, we created a graphic system for the campaign that was extendible across all mediums to ensure our efforts got as much traction as possible.

The results were exceptional: TD exceeded first month sales targets by 500%.
We'd achieved half of what they were expecting for the whole year in just the first month.

This campaign had soooo many pieces, here are just a handful:

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