"I’ve worked with Stefan over the years. He always delivers the best ideas...and lots of them. He could work on anything. Big brands, small brands – same fantastic results."

  Steve Mykolyn, Former CCO at TAXI  

The YoungGuns Award Show in Australia asked us to create their 'Call for Entries' campaign.

Well, we gave 'em a real doozy.

Not only did we write and choreograph a massive (and unapologetically lewd) online musical theatre production, but we were fortunate to have David Droga, Alex Bogusky and Lee Clow participate – they were very gracious.

Gold at the Digital Marketing Awards and the ADCC in the Interactive category. Shortlisted at Cannes and The One Show. The D&AD decided to award something British instead.

The online choose-your-own-adventure style musical theatre piece was a veritable orgy of sexual innuendo, as per the wanton desires of such a young and hormonal demographic.

This book was sent to creative directors around the world to remind them to enter their young people into The YoungGuns award show.

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