WELL (never) READ
Excellent books, steel, cast iron, guilt and shame

This collection of books are inarguably the best ever written. I correlated several respected best books lists to land on this final selection. These are the books that people tell us we really should read. But we have a hard time admitting to ourselves that we'll never make the time for them. How much time are we talking about? Well, each book jacket has a number of hours and minutes on it. That's the length of time it would take to read that book at a comfortable 200 words per minute. And how long would it take to read all the most life-changing and consciousness expanding books in history? 679 hours and 45mins. Or 28 days of steady reading. Will you ever do it? Nope. And you'll never be relieved of the pressure of feeling like you should. It's a pressure that lasts a lifetime. 

48" x 14" x 8", set of 2, seriously really heavy