Really expensive German paper, stainless steel, hallucinations

It took a year of daily concentration to think of different events and phenomena that could happen in a room. Stretching widely from the mundane, to the bizarre, to the horrific, to the just absolutely lovely. There's more here than you could possibly read at once, and you shouldn't. Come back each day for a new occurrence. Think about it as I did. That's the only way for you to get inside my head. Once you're in there, fix all the problems and clean up before you leave. The paper used here is thick and German, like sturdy woman named Helga. The font is a custom handwriting face that was special-ordered from a type nerd. The handsome stainless steel bracket is a simple design that suspends the paper by pressing it against the wall; the excess roll sits on top. You sit over there and try not to get into trouble. I'll be back in a few hours.

36" x 120" x 5", actually pretty heavy
$2500 (open edition)