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"I work with words. When thoughtfully arranged and applied to objects that amplify or deepen their meanings, words will surface values and memories stored in the subconscious, exposing what we really think and provoking a deeper understanding of who we are. Words unlock brains. First, they unlock mine. And through this work, they can unlock yours."


The objects presented here are designed to pull you in with layers of thought to uncover. If any piece here can be a catalyst for contemplation and thoughtful conversation, then the intense effort it took to create them will be justified. Through them we can challenge our own concepts and conclusions, explore our values, and through conversation, learn about those around us.


Stefan Wegner works tirelessly to uncover thoughts, feelings and values that are worth exploring. Presented through objects ranging from banal to droll, and even disconcerting, each piece strives to deliver commentary worth contemplation. Stefan’s iterative design process is driven by the evolution of the writing to support and amplify the concept. A rigorous approach to research, conception and production leads to work that must first attract aesthetically, and then remain engaging over time. With thoughtful design, researched concepts, and incisive expression, Stefan hopes his work will earn a place in the lives of those who appreciate a deep and more comprehensive art experience.

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