"Stefan's ideas taste like results. Nom nom nom."

"Stefan develops strong, virile young brands from strategy to execution."

"He writes treatments that are 37% more likely to get awarded.

I like that in a man."

"I'll just go ahead

and echo all of

these comments."

"His copy writing touches me where my heart used to be."

"Stefan's easy; easy like Sunday morning."

Award-winning copywriter and creative director helping brands, advertising and design agencies and commercial production companies create compelling work that tickles hearts, minds and that soft, fleshy part behind the knee.

• Need big ideas / scripts / copy faster than your teams can do it?

• Got a tough project that needs to be managed by senior talent?

• Does your brand need to be developed / refined / communicated?

• Are you too busy directing to write treatments?

• Does your big presentation need to be tighter and more engaging?

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