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Words have the power to unlock our brains. The right collection of words – applied to an object that amplifies its meaning – can provoke a deeper understanding of who we are and what we really think. The objects presented here are designed to pull you in with layers of thought to uncover. The themes may often be uncomfortable – the kind we prefer to push back into the subconscious – but here they'll surface, allowing us the guilty pleasure of revelling in them. Let every piece be a catalyst for contemplation and biting conversation. Through them we'll explore our own values and learn about those who surround us. Careful design, thoughtful and researched concepts, and incisive expression can pry out those feelings we protect and encourage us to face the thoughts we keep pushing away.
Stefan Wegner hunts for thoughts that are perhaps best left buried. From drole to disconcerting, his concepts and themes are revealed through words on objects. The design of each object is determined by the materials and processes that will support and amplify the message. A rigorous and thorough approach to research, conception and production leads to work that Stefan hopes will first attract aesthetically, and then engage cerebrally over time. The goal for each piece is to fuel further contemplation and provoke memorable conversation.
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